Doing life together.


1. What are Community Groups?
Community Groups are one of the easiest ways for you to meet new people and go deeper in your walk with God. They are groups of about 10-12 people who meet together in someone's home to talk about the bible, pray together, and to build great friendships. The purpose of Community Groups is to provide a predictable environment where people can experience authentic community and spiritual growth.

2.  What is a community group like?
Community groups are casual environments where we will often watch a short video or read a certain section of the Bible, talk about the content, have a chance to share what is happening in your life, share prayer needs and enjoy a snack. Our groups are normally an hour and a half to two hours long. Our heart for these groups is that they provide accountability, belonging, and care for every person who is a part of them.

3.  Do I have to share my feelings or get mushy?
Of course not! We want you to be relaxed and comfortable. While we fully believe that when you go all in that you will get the most out of your time, don't feel pressured into sharing something you aren't ready to share.

4.  Do I need to find a sitter for my kids?
No, most of our groups provide free childcare! Just look for a group with an asterisk (*) beside their name!

5.  What will I gain from a group?
Community groups are awesome because you get to build friendships, grow in your relationship with Jesus, learn more about the Bible, and you get to eat food with friends!

6.  How do I join a group?
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